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Lavender Hot Chocolate

Lavender Hot Chocolate

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Feeling chocolate-y or dreaming of a warm, cozy cup of hot chocolate? Or even cold chocolate?! Then fret not! We have the perfect solution for you to feel that ‘hygge’ moment! And that too without worrying about what’s in it! Because it’s clean and made with real chocolate, with subtle notes of lavender lurking behind! And it’s devoid of the processed nasties! 
Enjoy our luxurious Lavender Hot Chocolate, cafe-style (only that it’s cleaner) from the comfort of your home and elevate your mood and energy instantly!


Raw cacao powder, coconut sugar, 64% dark chocolate chips (vegan and refined sugar-free), real dried lavender, Himalayan pink salt.

How To Consume

Add a single serving of our hot chocolate (21g) to 45ml approx 3 tbsp)
of hot milk/ dairy-free milk or water (if you prefer a darker consistency). Mix it in well.

Then add 90ml (approx 6 tbsp) of hot milk/dairy-free milk to it and stir it well. (15g to 135ml)
Use a frother to blend it really well and to get the extra froth on top! Makes 1 cup (135ml cup) of creamy and smooth hot chocolate. To make cold chocolate - To a 175 ml glass, add ice until it’s about half full. Pour the above mix to it.
Adjust the sweetness as per taste, if only needed.
And voila! Its ready! Enjoy!

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Raw Cacao powder: A powerhouse of antioxidants and the purest form of chocolate. Raw and not processed as its counterpart, cocoa. Very high in magnesium and calcium (even more calcium than dairy!). Fights fatigue, good for the skin, balances mood swings and prevents premature aging.

Coconut sugar: Less processed than the regular refined sugar and contains a small amount of soluble fibre called inulin which makes the occurrence of blood sugar spikes less likely. (Refined sugar free)

Dried lavender (we are not using any artificial flavouring but real dried lavender buds)

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