About Us


I am Ritika and I learned to love food since I was a child. Mind you, food that is of a hearty, wholesome kind. No surprise there, as growing up, I have seen my family always being super passionate about making the right lifestyle choices, and food was a big deal in our household. I remember I would watch my mother make lunch for us with the most simple ingredients and yet they tasted so delicious. Reason enough, food became a celebration of sorts for me!

Although I was always passionate about food, I went on to pursue a degree in Economics at Lancaster University, UK. But as they say, a river always finds its way to the ocean, I got myself a diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition. Soon enough, my love for experimenting with food took me all over the world, and it was life-changing! My travels made me discover new cuisines that each culture had to offer, and if I have learnt anything, it’s that food tastes best when it’s made with real ingredients. All of this led me to become a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and I have adapted my training in developing recipes that are simple, healthy and purely delicious. 

Today, I am a Certified PN1 Health Coach. I have come to realize that good health is not just about following a particular diet or a meal plan or the current trend, but it’s an amalgamation of mental, physical, social and existential health all rolled together that lead us to be the best version of ourselves. Mind, body, soul - that’s my mantra as a foodie. And I love to see people transform when they embark on a wholesome wellness program or exercise routine or have improved their overall health by making small lifestyle changes. So I thought why not extend my love for food to the world and make conscious snacks (yes, you heard that right! Healthy snacks do exist!) that you can munch away guilt-free. I have applied my knowledge that I have gathered over the years to create The Mint Enfold - artisan health food. So take your pick - there’s something even for the worst fridge raider! 

P.S. - To share my passion for health and wellness, I also ended up writing a book, named ‘Fit or Fiction’ in collaboration with a friend who also happens to be a health freak like me. You can pick it up on your way to check out if you want to know all about diets and myths surrounding it!