What is the USP of your brand?

Our brand is all about delivering a genuinely healthy experience out there, while
ensuring that the taste palette is not compromised, and all of this only with a lot of love and honesty! Our founder is a nutritionist but is also a self - confessed foodie who wouldn’t have it any other way. And to create a truly healthy experience, we only use top quality organic ingredients that are not processed or only minimally processed. What you see is what you get- real food and not a box of processed ingredients loaded with sugar!
Are all your products gluten-free?
Yes all our products are gluten-free, refined-sugar free, vegan and truly wholesome. 

Do you have vegan options?

Yes all our products are vegan. We understand that a lot of people these days are becoming intolerant to dairy and keeping that in mind, we have created our products so that a majority of people can consume our products without a worry!

What is the source of Chocolate in your products?

We understand that chocolate, either solid or in powder form can be both raw (cacao) or processed (cocoa). Keeping in line with our brand ethos, we stay true to our commitment and use raw cacao powder and raw cacao nibs that happen to be the purest form of chocolate out there and is known to be the highest antioxidant rich food in the world! Even the cacao nibs that we use also happen to be vegan and sugar free.

What is so special about your granolas?

We understand that granolas are becoming infamous to be high in sugar and causing more harm than good. Our granolas are artisanally made in small batches and unlike the commercial granolas, are low on sugar, yet a good source of protein, complex carbs and good fats. They are truly a bag of superfood goodness.  

Are your products friendly for diabetes/PCOS ?

Yes. We do not use refined or processed ingredients in our products. All our ingredients are top quality, unprocessed, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich and our products are balanced and wholesome- containing good fats, proteins and complex carbs with tons of fibre. Which the conditions like diabetes and PCOS ideally require. Our products are hormone-friendly and good for regulating blood sugar levels. 

Are you open to customisation ?
Yes we are open to customisation. For instance - if you want to swap honey for maple syrup or if you are allergic to nuts and want to swap almonds for pumpkin seeds, we can most certainly do that. Please do write to us on  hello@themintenfold.com or message us on 9554733555 with your queries and requests and we’ll be happy to help you!

What is so special about your cookies?
Our cookies, unlike the commercial ones use a blend of flours that are anti inflammatory and great for overall health. We also have kept the sugar content of the cookies low, while ensuring that they are balanced, are nutrient-dense and ofcourse yummy!

Can healthy food really be yummy?
Most certainly, a resounding yes! We are trying to change this preconceived notion that health food doesn’t taste good or health food is boring! We have created our products keeping this in mind so that they are nutritionally balanced yet taste great !

Great that you keep refined sugar away but are natural sweeteners really healthy?
We do not use any refined sources of sugar / flour and natural sweeteners are definitely healthier than their refined counterparts. We use raw honey/pure maple syrup/organic coconut sugar in our products and they are lower on the Glycemic Index as compared to refined sugar. Having said that, we agree that anything, even if it’s good, especially when it comes to natural sweeteners, should be used in moderation as natural sweeteners too can affect your blood sugar levels. Although we use natural sweeteners, we have kept the sugar content of our products low, while simultaneously ensuring that they are nutritionally balanced, that is they are rich in good fats and fibre so that the
blood sugar levels remain stable. 

How are your truffles different from the ones available in the market? They seem to be the current fad! Are they really any good?

Our energy truffles go by their name and are truly great at boosting your energy. And like all our products they do so in a wholesome and balanced way - complex carbs, good fats, proteins and tons of fibre all from real food sources. And they are naturally sweetened with dates that are rich in nutrients and fibre. So our energy truffles are genuinely good for you, both for your body and your taste buds too!