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Earl Grey Lavender Cookies

Earl Grey Lavender Cookies

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Are you a tea lover? Do you fancy hints of Earl Grey with the subtle notes of lavender lurking behind? Then this cookie is for you! The flavourful combination of Earl grey and Lavender is sure to refresh and soothe you down at the same time but, mind you, we only do so in a healthful manner without any refined sugar, refined flour or refined oil. Just let real ingredients work their charm to make your tea/coffee time one notch higher with our cookie that hits all the right spots! Our cookies are packed with nutrients, fibre and healthy fats. Infact, they make for a delicious snack anytime of the day; especially great to satiate your hunger cravings and keep them at bay. Loaded with antioxidants and valuable nutrients from natural food sources, each cookie is handmade with great care and love.


Gluten-free flour (Brown rice flour, sorghum flour, arrowroot flour,
chickpea flour) (39%), raw honey (14%), coconut sugar (11%), extra virgin olive oil (9%), virgin coconut oil (9%), almonds (8%), hemp powder (2%), chia seeds (2%), earl grey tea leaves, baking powder, Himalayan pink salt, lavender buds, baking

How To Consume

Pair it with your morning/afternoon tea/milk/dairy-free milk or have it as your mid-morning/evening/post-workout snack to give you that energetic

Storage: Store in an airtight glass container/in this pack in a cool, dark and dry
place. Consume within 3 months from the date of manufacture. Best if consumed
within 1 month of opening.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

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